The Founder

Founder of L2P Marketing Services is Eva Julieta Schluppkotten. For over 15 years, Eva has been successfully developing and leading marketing for software companies (Document- and Workflow Management, CRM, IT-Infrastucture Management, Mind Mapping, Business Intelligence and Data Integration), both in the German-speaking countries as well as on a European and worldwide level.

  • Experience with start-up companies
  • Award-winning sales-oriented marketing approach
  • Experienced in building, growing and re-organizing marketing teams
  • Leadership & management in virtual teams
  • Close interaction with all levels of sales department, locally and internationally, to achieve growth of revenue and profit
  • International communication strategies
  • B2B and B2C Marketing
  • Annual and quarterly planning with tight controlling cycles

During this time Eva has developed Best Practices that are relevant not only to the software industry, but are relevant and applicable across several industries.

  • Lead Generation & Sales support
  • Development of integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Follow-up and qualification of marketing-generated contacts
  • Return-on-Investment
  • Budget Management & Controlling
  • Developing value propositions that are relevant to the target audience and industry
  • Development of collateral material
  • European Marketing Management
  • Partner Marketing (marketing both to and through business partners)